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Holistic Nutrition Coaching & Workshops



Meet Anna

Holistic Nutrition Coach, Workshop Teacher, Hormone Balancing Specialist

I’m passionately interested in women’s health and how nutrition can be the key to becoming the most whole and happy version of yourself. 

My mission is to help you feel in sync with and at home in your body again. Whether that means losing or gaining a few pounds, building healthy habits that last, understanding how to best support your training, or balancing your hormones naturally to lose stubborn body fat and to get rid of symptoms such as bad skin, PMS and fatigue once and for all – let’s get to work!

It really doesn’t matter where you stand today. Together, we’ll evaluate the status quo, develop a tailor-made strategy and build healthy, sustainable routines to help you reach your personal nutrition and lifestyle goals – whatever those might look like. 

Here’s What I Can Help You With

My Fields of Expertise

Intuitive Eating

What if you never had to follow a diet plan again? I will not give you a rigid, standardized diet plan to execute to a tee. My coaching can be seen more as relationship therapy with your own body where you will naturally re-learn to understand and feel what your body needs. This will give you the freedom to trust your natural intuition to support your dietary goals. 

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Natural Hormone Balancing

Hormonal imbalances are becoming increasingly common and often trigger nasty symptoms such as ‘inexplicable’ weight gain, migraines, acne, PMS, cellulite, irregular cycles and even burn-outs. Following a thorough assessment, I can help you re-balance your hormones naturally through a wide range of natural tools including targeted nutrition and plant-based supplementation.


Gut Health & Fermentation

The role of the gut microbiome, also labelled our ‘second brain’, goes far beyond digestion – think immune response, hormone production, detoxification, etc. Compromised gut heath can be a real road blocker when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals.  Let me show you how to pimp your gut with targeted nutrition and fermented foods. 


“Anna has a natural way of understanding what her clients really need. She always finds the easiest, most fun and instantly effective changes that someone can make to live a more balanced life. A true joy to work with.”

Kasper van der Meulen

Bestselling Author, Biohacker, Lifestyle Specialist,

“I’m so grateful for this inspiring workshop! Anna shares her enthusiasm and knowledge in a fun an contagious way. It’s so valuable to gain those insights into nutrition.”

Ines Raub

Workshop Participant

“What I like most about Anna’s coaching style is her effort to meet you exactly where you stand right now, no matter whether you’re already experienced with nutrition and fitness or a complete newbie. I especially enjoy her clear explanations and visual examples, as these personally help me to better grasp and internalize some of the more complex processes in the field of nutrition. Anna is very client-oriented and actively collects feedback to ensure the client’s needs are met at all times. In this manner, we’re constantly moving towards achieving the goals we set together.”

Tanja Rerich

Nutrition Coachee

“I took part in a Sourdough Bread workshop with Anna, which was not just fun but also extremely informative – she explained even the more difficult scientific theory behind it in a very understandable way. Besides a very well-organized agenda, I truly appreciated hearing about how Sourdough Bread originated and learning about the “story behind” the practical tips and tools, which enriched the whole experience.”

Viktoria Roussina

Workshop Participant

Here’s How We Can Work Together

Learn How it Works!

Private Coaching

One – on one coaching is the most effective way to make a change. We’ll start with a free 15 minute intake call that allows us both to see how I can best help you. 

FREE Initial Consultation

90 Minute Initial Assessment  

Weekly / Bi-Weekly Calls

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Group Workshops

My workshops are informative and interactive! Besides exploring some of the science and theory behind the topics, we’ll mainly get active – so be prepared to get your hands dirty!

Small Groups

2-3 Hours / Half Day / Full Day

Notes & Worksheets

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